October 11-12, 2003    "Don't Dress For Dinner"

This production, performed the weekend prior to "Dolly", was also a revival for Linda, Rose and myself.  This show was directed by Fran "Dolly" Williams.  That she and I did both shows is a testament to our devotion and our families support and forgiveness.

Here is the cast (L-R): Rose Farr, Tom Anderson, Gina Prince, Steve Smead, Robert Biales and Linda Barrass.

The show has Steve and Linda as husband and wife with Robert as their Best Man and Linda's secret lover and Gina as Steve's mistress.  The four end up meeting for the weekend at the couple's house.  Steve forces Robert into being an alibi for Gina's visit and while the couple are out shopping Robert mistakes Rose, the cook booked for the evening, as the mistress requiring the mistress, when she arrives, to pose as the cook.  This works swimmingly until the cook's husband, Tom, comes to pick her up.  Oh, Boy!

This is a picture I doctored up with Steve, Linda and my heads to go with the play.  Linda laughs at it since she never had long hair.  Everyone asks me about the Maid of Honor.  I don't know her; she came with the original picture.