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Isn't this beautiful?  Actually gardening up here is a lot like gardening hydroponically -- nothing but the thinnest soil, with a whole lot of rocks poking through.  If it wasn't the most beautiful place on the planet, I'd never attempt such a thing.  But oh, no photo can describe the everyday sites and vistas here -- it's worth the extra work especially when you consider our close proximity to major cities, places of interest, and civilization in general.

Plus being so close to the wild places that we have  moose in the grocery store  parking lot, and five different plants found nowhere else on earth but the Adirondacks right here on our farm.  

Porter Corners, the nearest 'town' doesn't even have a light.  

Snow shoe in the afternoon, go to  Opera at night, I couldn't  ask for more from a locale. 

Except maybe warmer . . .

but all in all its a great place to live . . . I love my mountains!

Our First Honey Harvest


We are offering Fresh Raw Honey harvested from a hive on our Organic Farm!  We do not use pesticides or inorganic fertilizers on our plants.  For information about honey or our organic produce, please e-mail us.

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Dairy Connection

High Goats


Goat Packing

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We raise exotic breeds of chickens and often incubate our own eggs.  As a public service, here are a few links to explain the process.

Start with an overview of chickens and other farm birds by the best site on the web: 



    From inside to outside, here is an in-depth explanation of how the egg is hatched, complete with photos, diagrams and Flash animation and video.  

Here is the anatomy of an egg.  There's a whole lot more than egg, shell and yolk! 



How a Hen Lays an Egg

    Here is information on how the egg becomes a chicken.  (WARNING: This site is about a 7 out of 10 on the gross factor.  It shows real embryo photos)

Lancaster 4-H Embryology


Finally, here's some pictures of the sorts of chickens we have Marans, Americaunas, and crossbreeds -- Maranacaunas.  That means eggs from dark brown through greens to shades of turquoise blue. 


OK, enough seriousness and CSI worthy detail!  Something completely fun!

Renegade chickens