Mother Dirt  

As people with high stress levels, we find a yearly or bi yearly family spray down helps with any number of chronic skin issues as well as over all health for those of us with fragile skin.

Paper Back Swap

A vital resource for anyone who loves a book but can’t find it, or wants to participate in a give one take one sharing process. We help both the environment and the community by sorting the remains of several library book sales and  this is one of the ultimate destinations. 

Habitat for Humanity

We donated a portion of our property to this organization and helped with rehabbing it for use. We have never regretted the experience and continue to support them. 

Habitat for Humanity Restore

This has been vital for teaching our 300 year old farm house new tricks, like indoor plumbing. Both a donation spot and a store, you can drop off furniture and building supplies or extras of any sort, and pick up some you need  at amazing prices. Proceeds go back to the local Habitat for Humanity organization. 

The Moore Formula

Our homeschooling success comes not only from Julia’s amazing family  experience of it, but by using the base of this formula as our heart.

Asperger Experts

An education program conceived of and built by autistic friends. The sensory funnel alone gave a new understanding and perfect metaphor for the struggles, and successes, in our home.


Find a welcoming and brilliant community of yarn artists of all stripes and experience.